Monday, December 17, 2007

Ok ya'll... so my blog is majorly neglected and who knows if anyone even checks it out anymore! Last time I wrote I was taking tests and now my first semester is almost finished. I am working on the last Essay as we speak. It has been an interesting Semester... I miss all my Penn View friends and choir more than anything.

Christmas is coming...however, my birthday is first. I still feel 16 so it's hard to believe that 16 was 5 years ago already! When I'm with my sister I still feel young, however when I remember how I was a 16 I realize that things have changed and time has a way of making you grow up. But that's just the way life goes....

Well.... I guess that's the rambles for the next four months... hehe.. no really I shall try to be better about just seems life gets too busy!

Here's some pictures that my sister took. These are my pastor's kids...but their like our family!