Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Trees

There's one thing about Christmas that will always remind me of my Grandparents. Getting the tree. For years while I was growing up they had a Christmas tree farm and when Christmas would come around they would sell Christmas trees to everyone in the towns surrounding ours. People would come from miles away, bundle up and take a wagon ride to the top of the hill to find that perfect tree that would bring cheer to their homes for the holiday. The wagon ride was what everyone looked forward to. Once they would climb into the wagon they'd take their pick on a hay bale and hang on for the journey. Through the snow drifted field, over the bubbling creek, up the slick hill to the top where my Grandpa would drop them off. You all know the next part, the search for the PERFECT tree :) Once they found it they'd cut it down, with the saws provided from my Gramps, and then they'd drag it down the hill, over the walking bridge, through the field back to the house. With rosy cheeks and sparkles in their eyes they would greet and pay my Grandma or the guys working the lot.
As my sister and I got older we'd help out on the lot: greeting people, showing them the trees on the lot, taking their money, and baling their trees. I remember being down at Grams during tree season, she'd have her boots and gloves by the wood stove and as soon as someone would come along she'd be there helping them out.

Sadly however, there aren't many more trees on the hill after all these years. My Grandparents head to Florida now in early November and so we brave the field, creek and hill with our Subaru and search for the perfect tree. I know that when people drive by the hill they remember the good days of finding that perfect tree and the memories that my Grandparents helped them create.

I hold the days with my Grandma close to my heart... not only watching and helping them sell trees, but all the time she's put into teaching me how to quilt, crochet pot holders, and helping me make rugs.
Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa, for all the great memories that you have given us and so many others! <3