Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Long time not blogging

Hey Everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I have last updated. My computer is totally crashed and even though I'm working on fixing it it seems to be taking a while. I have been using Asa's for everything but I'm having problems getting pictures on his computer. It's strange!SOOOO my wonderful sister is home for the week and while she's at work she left her computer with me!!! <3>
Our weather in upstate NY has simply been amazing for this time of year... this pictures speaks of a relaxing afternoon in the sun!

These are my toes Em painted :D She's great!!

The sunset on Easter

My little baby sister and I

Saturday was our 6 month anniversary!!! We celebrated by going to this musical that the highschool was putting on. The students did an amazing job! I was thrilled as this is something i was raised listening to ! :)

Here's my dear husband working hard in the garden! I tend to have a very very short attention span!

Here's the yummy food pictures!
Two weeks ago I made shoofly pie! This one turned out ok. However, I made another one this week and the consistancy and flavor was much better

I got hungry for tabouleh the other week!
I decided that this looks like a pretty healthy dinner :) (might have a repeat tonight)

Ok so I have been having fun looking at healthy eating blogs and being inspired. Frog Pond is opened again so YAY for fresh fruits and veggies! My food budget likes the fact that we can get so many delicious things for sooo cheap! Another thing Asa and I have been focusing on is making everyday special and new. I found " the newly-wed project " . This couple is doing something new every day for the first year of their marriage! I was so impressed and wished I had thought of the idea!!! :) I admire them for finding time to do something new every single day. Sometimes we find it hard to even take a few moments to just sit and talk. We aren't taking up their challenge and doing something new every day but it does make us stop and think about things to do together that can be special.

What's something that has causes you all to stop and enjoy the little moments in life?

OKKKK I hope that my computer is fixed soon!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Challenging contest

Hey Everyone!
The other day as I sorted the mail at my post office job I realized how very few people write personal letters anymore. I remember the days when running to the mailbox was an exciting part of the day. You'd get news from friends and family. However, now we simply hop on facebook, stalk their statuses and move on with our day. Something has been lost in the process of us moving on with technology. I would even go as far to say that writing letters is, in a sense, is a lost art.
About a year ago my uncle found letters that my great, great, uncle, who fought in many wars, had written. These were letters that he had written to my Grandpa and his siblings, what treasures these letters are! When I read them I smiled as I noticed his reactions to the letters the family had sent him overseas. He spoke of the war, inquired of things back home, and gave his advice to the children. Thinking back to these letters makes me wonder, "What are we leaving behind for later generations?" With e-mails and facebook there will be no old letters in the barn for them to discover.
So here's my challenge to all you: Start writing letters once again! From April 12th to May 12th I want to have a letter writing contest. The person who sends the most letters by May 12th will receive a prize, which is still to be disclosed. The honor system will be used to keep track of how many letters are written. Whoever decides to take part will keep track and let me know how many personal letters they have sent over this time period. BILLS DO NOT COUNT! :) Encourage the people you write to write you back and to write others. Letters have a personal touch and it's a great way to let people know you care and help them keep up to date with your life. Please feel free to let me know of any interesting places you decide to write! It'll be fun to see where all the letters go!

I'd like to leave you with something to ponder; is 44¢ too much to let someone know you care?

Let me know if you're interested!