Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Project

ok so..Lizzy I don't have my abstract have to wait becuase it's hanging up at school... but this is my newest one I'm working on now!
My Art teacher gave us the assignment to do... we had to draw something that goes with the saying , When one door closes another door opens. SO since it was around Easter when I was thinking of it I decided to do a tomb with a cross in the background. This is representing Christ's death (a door closed for his life) and his ressurection! (an open door for all of us into heaven!) this is just part of my drawing...I'll post the finised product lata!

Art work~

Hey! I just thought some of you would like to see my art work! Lizzy, I'm actually taking an art course this's so much fun... Tell me whatcha think!
These are my Shoes!
An unfinished Pot ink drawing
Valentines Day!!!
A subtractive drawing
My first drawing
This represents who i am


I am having a great time drawing bones:

This is one of my favorites!

More Bones

A skull!

The End! I have some more an abstract and a regular still life however, They are hanging up at school...I'll post them sometime!

Have a good weekend everyone~Erin

Monday, March 10, 2008

heylo I don't really have anything of greatness to post. I should go get my butterfly pictures that I took the ohter weekend and post them...but it would take way too much work. Seriously I'm so tired. I was really sick yesterday...I went to church and then I slept when I got home...ate a little food... slept some more...moved to the couch...slept some more... watched "Amazing Grace"... and then went to bed. Sounds like a good day right? I didn't really want to go to work but I did... and I'm glad I did it made me tough. but now I'm ready for bed. Long school day tomorrow!

Hope you guys all have a great week!~Erin