Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day!

Since today was valentines Day I made a special dinner for Asa last night. We had calzones and watched a movie! It was so cozy and a lot of fun!

This was our table and dinner:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Healthy Dinner

Tonight was our somewhat healthy and delicious dinner! I ended up having Mom and Dad over for round two. Asa and I had eaten and then mom and dad came over! They loved it! It felt so good to make something everyone could enjoy! I was able to make everything from scratch! Here are some pictures!

Making the Falafels:

The Pita:
The finished Product:

Asa and I have been working on making our bathroom beautiful! I'm so happy it's almost totally finished... after many coats of paint... and he made a platform for our washer to go up on... so I can put the laundry baskets underneath! It's wonderful! Even though he hasn't had work I have kept him BUSY! :)

Here's some pictures!
We took designs from our shower curtain and put together a border!
looking down the LONG wall!

Thanks to everyone who has left me comments! It always brightens my day to see what you all have to think about the daily happenings in my life! Even though Asa needs work it's been really nice to just have him around... working on the house! Our phone line problem is finally fixed!!! The mice had chewed the cord up in the basement! !!!! Crazy mice!

Hope everyone is doing well!
---Erin <3