Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well... It's been a while since I've updated! I guess I've been kept busy with Emily being home. Sadly, however, Emily has gone back to school. So the past few days I've been lamenting the fact that she's gone. Tonight I'm making rice pudding to send with Asa in his lunches. I think it will be a nice treat!

Since I've written last Emily and I have attempted some new creations! We tried making sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken, as well as veggie lo mein. We had chinese for my dad's bday and from the way he heaped seconds on his plate I think we could all assume he loved our creations! We had a blast and were thrilled to find new recipes that taste sooo delicious!

I received a cake decorating set for Christmas from mom and dad. I had a blast making Emily's birthday cake! She likes funky modern things so I thought a black and white cake was perfect for her. It was a fun confetti cake with a little layer of raspberry filling.

The weekend before Emily's birthday we took a trip to NYC with our friends, the Yoder boys, from NC. They had never been to the city before so we were able to see lots of the typical NYC sights. We also went ice skating in Bryant Park on friday night. That was something new for us, we had a blast!

Since then I haven't been up to much... working at the PO... making bread... and trying out other recipes. I have finally mastered the frappachino!!!! SOOOO amazing! Emily and I enjoy treating ourselves to them once in a while!

Here's a drawing I just started working on... it's a close up of some of my flowers from the wedding... I was bored :)