Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my deep thoughts for the week

I miss my boyfriend so much... I miss being with him in moments like this...
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March 5th
Hello...there's been so much going on this last while...
we have had seriously crazy weather and I have been busy working and going to school. so yeah... I have also spent a lot of time reflecting this last seems so many people have been overcome with shallow just to get through one more day. I must admit I have been one of those people. The computer and technology are such addictive things...empty quizes and random things to fill empty time..that eventually we all become empty people without any passions. This last while I have started to do, more consistantly, the things that have always been important to me...such as journaling and reading my bible. I feel so refreshed and so much like's awesome! Now it's deciding what God wants me to do for him.... you wear a mask? Many people around us every day are wearing masks to protect themselves from the critical eye of the world. Do you? I am amazed how you can think you know someone and then poof they take their mask off and your like, "wow...we were best friends...why did you lie to me?"...maybe they didn't lie...maybe they've changed... I don't know anymore...but I do know I want to learn from all of this... so now my goal is to learn from all trying situations in my life.
Ok well...I have pictures to update someday butterfly garden pictures and such but I haven't had much time. Good night everyone...