Saturday, May 23, 2009

A perfect day...

Well I must admit this poor blog has been extremely neglected over the past few months. It's not that I haven't thought about everyone reading this it's just my life has been crazy. The last few weeks of school were pretty stressful to say the least. BUT I'm trying not to complain! SOooooo.. Onto the next topic.
I am now a graduate of BCC. Thursday was the perfect day. I was busy all morning and then I went down to The Arena to practice for graduation. This didn't take long and that's when the blissfully relaxing moments came. I walked around and sat but this bridge:

and at my delicious sandwich that they made me at Pine Ridge! (it was great to whomever made it!) I just sat there enjoying the beauty of the day. I watched an interesting thing take place. to the left of the bridge there was a little watter fall type of thing and there were geese swimming towards it. I was interested to see what was going to happen... I didn't know if they would swim over it. Sure enough... the male and the female went over and the little babies followed behind... however it was a struggle for them. The water was going all different ways back and forth and the ducks seemed to just get caught between the currents. I kept watching as they all pulled out except two lil guys... They kept floating further away from me and finally the parents started squawking and they were joined a while later by the two little "pings".

You can kind of see them going over...

After this I walked back to my car and drove off to find a Library. I still had a lot of time before I needed to go to graduation so I drove to the

Library to pick out some books. It was a very small Library however, the book shelves towered above me and the book titles shouted out for me to pick them. I found a few books that looked interesting ...

The next stop is the most important stop... STARBUCKS! I went in there and got some much needed water and an iced coffee with white mocha flavoring! mmmm AMAZING. I chatted with the workers and then headed out to the park.

Taking my things I meanandered down the the river. I sat next to the rushing river for a while enjoying the chatter of people walking along the trail behind me... the rushing water... the sun dancing through the leaves on the trees... my book and coffee!

All was well until some creatures decided to pay me a visit. Needless to say I don't really enjoy tent worms crawling all over me so i relocated to the sunny area of the park with NO trees :) I spent the rest of my afternoon sitting there reading and sipping my coffee. I was joined by Asa for a while and he spralled out on the grass atempting to sleep. We rushed off and parked my car and it was time for graduation! The long awaitied moment... and guess what? MY Camera was dead... even though I charged it it didn't charge right. bummers... (I'll post a picture.... but just disclaimer... My collar was messed us becuase they just give you these little stickers to hold it in place)

It was great... minus some disrespectful, immature students... I'm thankful for my family who was there.... Them being their represented the hours of comforting them provided while I was going through stressful, tearfilled times... I love them and they are amazing!

My evening ended with a BANG! We went to AppleBees to celebrate my dear friends birthday~There were laughter and talks... texts and singing! Great times and it was a perfect end to a simply PERFECT day!

Julie and me

Asa.... He drank so many of these special teas! SO sweet! He is the best boyfriend EVER!

Becka and Her bday Specialty!

Emily eating all the artichoke spinich dip!


All of Us Girls! I love you girls so much! Thanks
For bringing smiles to my life!