Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is At Newark all ready and excited!

MMM... Smoothy time

Me sooooo tired...hehe

I loved taking pictures of the clouds

LAND! The plan ride felt so long (total of 8 hrs)

it was wonderful to see Ana again!!!
Isn't Brian sweet?!--Moises y Brian
Everyone at the table... Two of Moises' siblings came later-mmm We eat Peruvian almost every single meal!

Kelly with Green Rice... (this was the first night)
Our table the first night-
This is me with my food that Ana made! more Good stuff
Riding Peruvian style- aka squashed (thanks em for the quote)

Playing a Spanish game... that I never really got-:-)
Our time here has been wonderful and I love the school and all the children at the school.. I think that I would really enjoy spending some time here teaching... but we'll see what God has for us. Sarah and I leave for cusco very very early Saturday morning!



jen said...

aww...looks like so much fun! thanx for posting pictures.

lorene said...

oh wow...looks like a wonderful time! Thanx for the pics. they were so interesting! Love you

flowersofmyheart said...

Looks like a lot of fun. So glad you are updating while you are there and not waiting till you get home.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! I forgot that you are there now...:) hope you enjoy the rest of your time there...miss you.

Emilyy <3 said...

blahh. poor pinkster. :-P
lol. laughs here.
i love you.
ttyt babez