Friday, December 26, 2008

My Special day....

Here are some pictures from my very very special 22nd birthday!! Thanks to my amazing boyfriend who made this day so special! And to my Family who was there to enjoy it!
~MY 22nd Birthday Cake~
Sisters!(we even kind of match)
Me and Dan~ These were the coolest knives...

The man who made the day happen!

I was trying to get the glass flashing....
My beautiful sister!

This is where we ate... I though the picture looked cool!


hmm.... interesting

Ok... i look bad but... I needed a pic w/ my cake!

Afterwards we went into Brooklyn... for the rest of my birthday and Christmas Eve Day...

We had a great time w/ LOTS of laughs! (thanks asa for all these pics!)
Probably laughing at Giuseppe!

I think this is the card from the wurtz's (just for you my lil friend)

YAY another journal! (you can never have too many)

Telling some sort of story!

My cuties!

Heading into the city for the day! Rebecca... note Asa's hat!


Becka said...

Cool! :) :) I was hoping you would post pics on here soon. :) just so you know I thought of you alot on your bday! :) glad you all had fun. Looks pretty awesome! :) :)

Esther said...

here's a late Happy Birthday!! Glad your day was grand! Looks like a blast!!