Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer has come

Well Here I am on the threshold of August and I haven't posted since May! I had thought that once I finished school I would have time! (laugh now) That was kind of
a crazy thought because my summer did not slow down! Right after school ended I was plunged into finishing the house... I wish we would have taken pictures of the transformation as we went. Every downstairs room was painted and had new ceilings and flooring put it. Our house looks so amazing now! This all had to be finished before Emily's graduation so we put in a lot of late hours.

In the beginning of June we went and visited Asa's family in Lake Placid! WE had a nice time holding the newest addition of the family, Leah Kay. While we were there Anna's husband, Rick made a huge bon fire for us. It provided a great backdrop for many fun photos!

<--- Asa and ALL his brothers

I had one more come out as well. Out of five only three hatched. One was eaten by an awful creature and the other simply never hatched. I think these are the most beautiful things God has ever created!

After my cousins were here we had my cousin Jeff's wedding. It was so much fun! I love spending time with family. I think that family is one of the most important things in my life right now. They're always there for you and you know
you can always be yourself around them. It was a beautiful wedding!

The next weekend was Emily's graduation party. I can't believe my baby sister has graduated already!!! We had a lot of family here however, sad to say my Aunt and Uncle couldn't make it becuase my uncle fell out of a tree and fractured his back in three places. Thankfully he was healed only three weeks after the accident!

After Em's graduation party she left to go to NC for ten days and I got my cousin Rachel to stay with me for a week. I worked the entire week but she spent time with me when I wasn't working. We made the most amazing brownies and had a lot of good laughs. For the fourth of July I took a trip out to my grandparents camp. Times at the lake are always fun. This time was a little more interesting though because I got to meet my cousin, Sarah's, boyfriend. THANKFULLY I approve of him! ;)

---------------^ Rachel and me

Sarah-Mikayla-Guillermo-and joel--^

The rest of the summer has pretty much consisted of work and my online class. The online class consumes at least a couple of hours every single day! This past weekend, however, we got the chance to go to NYC. Dan, Asa, Sarah, Guillermo and I went to NYC for two days! It was the best time I've had in a while. We got to see many sites and just chill in Washington Square Park for a while. That is my most favorite park in the city! There is always so much going on...

<---This is the view of the Empire State building from Little Italy. Eating at a Venezuelan restaurant

So that was my weekend in Pictures! It was so much fun! Even if the trip home took 6 hours!

I'll try to be better at updating! In 8 days my cousin, Sarah, and I are going it Antigua Guatemala! We're sooo excited! We'll be gone for two weeks learning Spanish!



Esther said...

Great pics!! looks like a fun time in NYC!!

Chica. ;) said...

great update!..i like the fire pictures. :) and all the others too. miss you.