Friday, August 14, 2009

HI all... my first week of studying is over! It has been great and I can´t believe I actually know so much spanish. (Micah when I come home you have to talk Spanish to me so I don`t lose it!) My teacher is amazingly patient especially when I mess up the congigations. (I´m not sure that´s spelled right.) Tomorrow Sarah, Joanna (the girl staying w/ us) and I are going to the Volcano and then on Sunday we´re going to a Lake about two hours away. Then it´s back for another week of studying! I honestly can´t believe the first week is already over!

I´m having a great time and LOVE this little town... I told Asa I want to move here!

Ok missing everyone but having a blast!



Micah said...

I will be more than glad to talk Spanish with you, Erin. I would love to know which volcanoe you will be climbing. Will you be trying to find a ride to the coast? I'm full of questions :) I'll save most of them till later.

Becka said...

heyyy. I still need to email you. anyhow..I Miss you. so glad you are having a good time. can't wait to see you in a week! :)