Monday, March 8, 2010

New Ambitions

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I was reading someone's blog tonight and it inspired me... inspired me to post, eat healthier, and cook! <3>
I took a nice walk today... it's all a part of becoming healthier! Thankfully the weather has been beautiful lately. Compared to two weeks ago when we had our HUGE snowstorm.
My Cozy house:

Hopefully it's the only one for the year. I really loved it though, being snowed in and enjoying two entire days with Mom. I actually worked on a sewing project.

This blanket had a bright green material on the other side!

As I was making the blankets I started getting a little hint of baby fever. However, my boss keeps reminding me over and over again that I can't get pregnant until Aug (when she's taking her huge vacation)!

Before the storm we had a lot of visitors at our bird feeder! It was so exciting, there were 6 gold finches all the way around the feeder and two sitting up on the top of the branches... On Saturday we had a purple finch also!

Saturday we had a group of people come up from church for a sledding! We had a great time and got some really good exercise, walking up and down the hill acrossed from the house! I think everyone had a good time. We had popcorn, puppy chow, cookies, and hot chocolate for snacks after everyone was tired of sledding. Our company was so jolly and comfortable. Some of them played games, chatted and worked on my puzzle that I have been neglecting. I realized again how much I truely enjoying spending time with and having people over at my house! It was a blast!

Ok well... Asa's on the phone and I'm going to go make a shopping list for my new baking adventures!
PS. I just found this picture and I can't remember if I posted it... It's of Asa's Birthday dinner!


Anonymous said...

Seeing your little house brought back so many good memories of spending time with Sarah Ann & children and then also with Daniel & Suzanna. And also at your home place. I guess I miss Bainbridge tonight.

Heidi said...

Hey thanks for updating. I am always checking your blog to see whats going on in your little nest.