Monday, November 29, 2010

The Special Dinner

I've been working on this blog for a while. Tonight (2:18 am) Asa's trying to help someone who slid off the road and so I decided to make good use of my time and finish the blog while I'm waiting to go back to bed. WE woke up to a car just spinning out over and over again so He took our ashes down there to help him out.


Ok so I never got around to telling everyone about our exciting adventure in NYC the last time. Asa had done work for this man who had a restaurant in NYC a while ago. While Asa was working for him he put together a lantern and the man paid him for his time. Asa ended up giving him the money back and asked if he could take his wife to Roberto's restaurant. Roberto thought it was a great idea so we looked forward to the time when we could try out his place.

A couple weeks ago when we went to the city we left here around 5 pm and headed straight for the Bronx. I was totally unprepared for the amazing cuisine that awaited us. We walked into a cozy restaurant, dim lighting, and people chatting. There was only one table that was empty in the entire place and we were ushered to the table. We sat there drinking our water and Asa explained to the waiter that Roberto knew we were coming and that we'd like to say hi. They quickly went and got Roberto. He came out and chatted with Asa, Emily and I for a while. It was pretty funny when he informed Asa that he doesn't look like an "upstater" any more. :) He asked us if there was anything we didn't eat and the proceeded to order our meal . Emily and I just stared in amazing when he just slightly lifted a finger and the waiters were at our side!

I'm not going to remember all the names for the dishes... if Emily would be writing this blog this would know. Somehow she was able to catch all the names, for some reason it was a little harder for me to catch what they were saying at times! The would bring out a dish and then serve each one of us and before leaving our table they would tell us to "enjoy!" :) As soon as we'd finish eating one dish they'd take our plates away, bring out clean plates and comeback with more food. I seriously have NEVER experienced something so amazing! :) Emily and I kept looking at each other giggling and saying, "It's just like in the movies!" I'm not going to lie, I actually felt like royalty! Asa enjoyed seeing us get such a huge kick out of the entire experience!

This was our first appetizer. It was actually pretty funny because before he ordered he asked if there was any food we didn't eat, my mind instantly went to seafood. I try to be open to the stuff but for some reason it's the one food I don't enjoy eating. However this stuff was MELT IN YOUR MOUTH delicious! It was Shrimp and Scallops with a while creamy sauce.

The next appetizer was smoked mozzarella with olives, roasted red peppers and spinach. I had never had smoked mozzarella before and it was very flavorful.
This was probably my most favorite dish out of everything that we ate while we were there. It's a in the restaurant made pasta, with a fresh made sauce! The flavor burst the second it hit your taste-buds! The pasta was also swirled so the juices would get trapped down inside! mmmm I could go for a bowl right now!
This next dish was had a very different and interesting texture. It was risotto with figs and prosciutto. You know when you bite into a fig newton, there's that grainy texture? This dish had that same texture but as a sauce. The most interesting part was that it almost crackled in your mouth, similar to pop rocks. (I know I sound crazy)

Then the main course we each got a plate with veal, tomato and cheese.

The mood lighting was great!!!

And our desserts! I'll let the picture do the talking:
WE all decided to pick different desserts so that we could taste a few different ones. However after asa got his I was wishing the whole time I would have ordered what he had!
Us with Roberto before we left:


Becca said...

oh my word! So cool....all the food looks amazing! :)

Sippity Sup said...

The evening sound like such fun. Roberto is a wonderful host. But it is the enthusiasm I read in your words that has me smiling now. GREG