Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Peru... Five years ago

I had this blog post in my head.  All about valentines day, and making sushi with my husband.  It was a fun day but tonight when I was on the phone with my mom I got another idea... SOOO guess what, you're not going to hear about Sushi, yet. :)  

Five years ago, this month,  my family and I went on an adventure to Peru.  WE had very close friends down there, and we decided that it would be a good experience for us.  I went with mixed emotions, I was extremely excited to be traveling to a new country and yet, I was leaving behind my boyfriend and missing his first birthday, as a couple and, more importantly, our first valentines day.  However looking back I don't regret a single moment of that month spent with my family.  We made some awesome memories and traveling outside of my comfort zone opened my eyes to a whole new world.  

 WE arrived in Lima Peru and somehow managed to get to the bus station and in the right area, without knowing any Spanish.  (this was before I had taken ANY spanish at all so we were CLUELESS)  We were meeting our friends in Arequipa but up until that point we were on our own.   My dad was great at playing the language barrier game and we were all relieved when we we were on the bus and on our way


Arequipa was a busy city and we enjoyed exploring it for a few days, however the real adventure was just around the corner.  We got on another bus ride, which deserves a whole blog post to itself, and made our way back to a quant little town, in the mountains, called Velille.  

 This is where we spent a couple weeks and I was amazed at the culture and the food!  In the market they had these venders that sold cheese,  From what I can remember the cheese was the highlight of this town, it was what they were known for.  They also had alpaca on a stick that you could walk to the market and buy on Sundays and some other days of the week.  All these foods were amazing, and though my father thought my sister and I were crazy for eating it, I would eat all the food again  in a heartbeat!  

 The thing that took my mind back to that village, tonight however, was their yogurt.  Emily, Jenny, Julie and I would walk through the streets and into the market building to where the ladies would sit, selling their yogurt.  The would put it in little plastic bags for us and we'd rip open the one corner and start drinking away!  It was so natural tasting and nothing like I had ever had before. Here in the states most of the yogurt we buy is thick, however this yogurt was not thick at all.  It was the consistency of thick milk, but not solid, it was runny
So tonight I 'll drink my fresh homemade yogurt from a bag, and remember all the great experiences of Peru!  

Buying Milk from the local lady

Where are some places you've traveled, with food you have never experienced before?  


Brenda said...

Love your post....I never had that yogurt from Peru. I do really like our homemade yogurt though. I am getting used to the consistency! I do not eat it out of a bag though!

Keep Your Lid On said...

Very curious about the flavor and consistency of the yogurt. We have not had the chance to leave the country,yet. We do have plans in the works. I long to visit Costa Rica.

Micah Yoder said...

I'm amazed how vividly you remember that trip.
Not being a yogurt fan, I never ate much of it down there but I do remember eating sheep intestine while we lived there. That was probably one of the strangest textures I've had in my mouth. The intestine was cut into bitesize, noodle-like pieces and were prepared in a chuño soup. It was great and I recommend anyone to try it if you have a chance.

Butter said...

Love it! You have a way of capturing the authenticity of your surroundings - this was a great post. You have such an adventurous spirit. I wish that I were there in Peru now as I crunch down on my wheat thins...lol...can't wait to hear about romantic sushi next...

Anonymous said...

...And I like this one too !!! My favorite is the one of you with all those adorable children around you and the cute hat...=)