Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wow, it has been MONTHS...and I have missed writing... I hope I haven't lost too many people in the busyness of my summer!  There has been so much that has happened... so much that honestly I don't know where to start... DO I start with the garden?  OR continue with the India trip?  What about telling you about a beautiful friend of mine that has missed all of Summer due to a car accident one Monday morning? Then there's the trips to the Lake, the Fourth of July dessert contest, with many smiles, tears and days of mowing lawns in between!

AND there's MORE news, BUT that shall wait until another inspired post!

I have had all summer to think about this blog, and still I wondering where I want it to go.  In June I took a trip to visit a very dear friend and her family.  Some of you know her as the writer and amazing crocheting of http://keepyourlidon.blogspot.com/ .   While I was out there we spent lots of time gabbing, and being together. I have never felt so close to someone I have never met before and I left feeling as though I was leaving family.  One thing we managed in, between talking and iced coffees, was some kitchen adventures!  We made delicious pretzel wrapped hot dogs from Willow Bird Baking and some other goodies.  One thing that I left thinking about was the how do present spending time in the kitchen to people who read my  blog.  Do I use recipes that look nice but in reality come across impossible? Or do I present the recipes and tasks in such away that they go away empowered and feeling up to the task of creating something new?  These are all musings that have been going through my mind this summer when I've thought about my blog. I don't expect to be famous but if I can encourage one person to get out the mixing bowl, or another person to write their thoughts and ideas down.... then my time here will be well spent.

I want to make a difference.... whether I'm in my kitchen and writing on this blog, or serving donuts to a crowd of people making apple cider in my back yard...

More blogs to come... just want you to know, I'm still here... and I'm still thinking!


Keep Your Lid On said...

Loving the simplicity of this post. Your voice as the writer is all that I needed to feel what you were conveying. YOU,my dear friend, made me feel comfortable in my kitchen.I am no longer afraid to step inside and pull out a mixing bowl. Never once did you make anything seem difficult. Every creation you taught me was natural and gave me confidence. I appreciate YOU for all that you have shared with me! Lots of LOVE to you!

Erin Kiser said...

awww... and for that I am SOOOO happy! I love to see your creations! You inspire me!!! PS... that comment gave me tears <3

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking said...

Aw, yay! I hope you enjoyed the pretzel dogs :)

I love your ideas behind blogging -- that's how I feel, too. It's so nice to give a kitchen experience to someone <3