Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Ok... First things first... YES I took that picture!!! GRINS! I had so many comments asking if I actually took the picture that I want you all to know that the bird and the cat belong to my friend Stephanie!

Now... You must understand that these pictures aren't in order... but that's due to the fact the blogging pictures on here is extremely hard...and a Major pain in fact. SOO Enjoy these pictures of the beautiful Machu Picchu! I loved it and it was so beautiful! The one thing I thought of the whole time was what it would have been like when actual people LIVED here...and children walked along the paths and dogs barked... It was amazing!
This is me--

Here you can see a lot of the city ruins!

I had so many pictures it's hard to pick from... This was just another shot of the buildings
This is going into where they would mummify (is that how you spell it???) bodies

These were some mountain ppl worshiping

Travel buddies FOREVER!

Some of the houses

Can you see the face!?


Aren't the mountians breath taking?!

The result of the little green buggers in Peru!
*My bug bites still itch three weeks later~

This is Cusco... Cusco is a four hour train ride from Machu Picchu and it's where we stayed while we were away from Lima for the weekend!


lorene said...

looks like so much fun! That place looks so beautiful!

flowersofmyheart said...

I would love to go see city ruins like that. I saw pictures from some in Paraguay. It looks very interesting.

Jill-lifewithaview said...

Beautiful pictures, Erin!!It makes me wish I was there!!!!

jen said...

i love the pictures air...u know i still wish we could have gotten to visit machupichuu. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey cool pics!! Looks fun!!

Emilyyy said...

how come everyone and their BROTHER comments on your site?
pathetic. hence the reason i barely post. :P
me thinks me loves u though.