Friday, August 15, 2008

More Pictures

Here are some pictures of a very special family in Peru... I love and miss them so much. Ana came to stay with us over Christmas time. She didn't speak any English but we managed to get by. When I was in Peru I was able to visit and spend time with her entire family and it was such a blessing!
Riding in the car to the beach~

"Pinkey" (long story)

Being Ladies~


Kisses for Brian

All of us~

Me with Ana, Stephanie, and her other son

sarah and I with them and extended family!

More food!


katherine mary said...

How fun that you got to visit Ana's family. I didn't realize you had (a) a blog (b) an exchange student. I can't wait to see you!! smooches!

Anonymous said...

:) Love the dancing pic. :) lol. cute. :)

Jill said...

Hi, Erin!!! Love all your different poses-what a cute bunch of "ladies"!!!!