Tuesday, October 14, 2008

more lake placid!

My man and me (sorry these are a lil out of order)

We climbed to the top of white face mountain

The three some!!

Ok... so I just had to get in the pic! *grins

This was amazing!

Anna and I are being goofy!
UriahAsa wonderful mother and me

Us again... (I think we're pretty cute)
Look at the view!
It was so beautiful! You could see soooo far!
I love this pic.. it looks reflective to me...
He was freeking me out!

The road side
Dont blow away!!! (senor pictures)
US :-D
Me...being funny
Me and my buddy!

The end!


Barb (bobbi) said...

Some very cute pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

minna said...

I love the pics Air! Especially the ones of you and Asa....so cute!

Emilyyy said...

hey shortiee. love y-o-u