Friday, November 20, 2009


So now the deer is ofically all cut up and in the freezer. I am so happy to have it over with! It took three nights to get it completely cut up. We ended up with 18 bags of steaks and a bucket of meet that I still have to can. (Mom's going to help me with that process)

I've started knitting! My boss is an amazing knitter and so I've got a private teacher :D we're starting with a simple hat.

I took some pictures of it because Mom's in Florida with Grandma and they want to see it! I have really enjoyed it a lot. It's pretty relaxing and it's actually fun to be making something other than dishcloths!

Today Emily comes home and my Aunt Sue also arrives in town. They're going to be coming over for dinner tonight and so we should have a nice houseful. I'm hoping we can break out some games... They like dutch blitz so maybe we'll play some of that . I haven't seen them since the wedding and even then I wasn't really able to spend much time with them!

The other night I edited one of my wedding picture... Photo taken by Laura Marks


Heidi said...

Hey i want to see more of those wedding pics......

Erin Kiser said...

Ok sounds good! you really really need to come over sometime!

Doug and Kim Hoffman said...

Hey Erin! I haven't checked your blog in a looonnng time! I saw that you're married! Hurrah for you! I'm so happy for you guys! Where are you living? I'd love to see you.