Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend joys

Well Asa and I have been married for one entire month! :) Time really does go by quickly! I made a nice pasta dinner and we got to eat at our bar counter. I would have taken pictures but my camera took a trip to Corning with Emily.

This weekend we had a nice gather... I love having my house full of people that I love! We had a Mexican type dinner it was delicious. The girls got here and helped me get everything ready. I made everyone latte's. I should have taken a picture of the eight steaming cups of deliciousness!

Me waiting for the espresso!


Amazing cinnamon rolls made out of the most interesting recipe

My second attempt at bread went better! Thanks to my mom's bread maker!


Emilyyy said...

love you sis.

Esther said...

the bread looks delicious!;-)

Heidi said...

That bread looks great..... So sad I couldn't come Friday night....