Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello Everyone! Time for a new update....
This weekend was mothers day and we had a very relaxing day with our family, the Waltons, and out new very great friends the Easleys. Saturday though we went to a wedding and had a great time with all the people I use to work with at Garf's! It was nice being all together again!

I made this amazing Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee cake! It was soooo yummy! I started making it after 10 and it took a while to make! I was finally finished with it around 12 am. I kept telling myself that my mom would do something like this for me... SO I kept working at it ;) And it was appreciated by almost everyone! Here's a picture of it!

I thought I'd share my lilac tree picture with all of you! It's soo beautiful this year! I'm so happy with it!

Here's a picture of the black walnut trees we chopped down!

I hope you all have a good week!


Sally said...

Hi Erin!I enjoy your blog even though I never comment.It's great keeping up with you a bit since I haven't seen you since your wedding.Have a great week!~blessings

sherryldickinson said...

This Strawberry Rhubarb Coffe Cake looks absolutely beautiful and delicious. Will you please put the recipe for this on your blog? I would love to try to make it; although, in Arizona, rhubarb is not that easy to come by.
You seem to be able to cook effortlessly. I love the food creations you show on your blog. Smile.
I have enjoyed reading your blog, even when you were still a single girl. I never commented on it because I didn't know if you would want to hear from me when you don't even know me from Adam and Eve. Ha!
Sherry in Phoenix

Erin Kiser said...

Thanks Sherryl! Did you just stumble upon my blog? I'm glad you have decided to leave a comment.. I've found that it's fun meeting new people through blogging! I'll post the recipe next time! It was amazing and Asa couldn't get enough of it! Thankfully we have a nice patch of rhubarb and my mom has a ton so we have a bountiful supply! I enjoying cooking and trying new things... although other days I'm not so excited to cook ;)

Sally, thanks for commenting... how have you been?

Karla said...

You should most definitely share the coffee cake recipe! I have a ton of rhubarb I need to use asap!