Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lazy blogger

I think everyone must have the same blogging illness. It seems like everyone who blogs is saying the same thing, "we just don't feel like blogging". I really haven't been in the mood to blog either. I think that most of my illness is due to lack of comments :D I'm not going to threaten to shut down my blog, and I'm not saying this to get a flood of comments. I merely want to let everyone who comments know how much they are appreciated! NOW for those of you who don't know how or simply don't comment you should realize how much I don't like stalkers ;) I do acknowledge that my blog is not as exciting as others. I'm trying to spice it up... that's why I post some interactive question at the end... but that hasn't even helped you guys come out of your shells! I will try to be a more exciting and frequent blogger!!!

Tonight i am sitting on my porch and enjoy the cool breeze blow over my sun kissed arms! I was mowing all day so it's nice for the little break! THe lawn has just been cut and there's a lilac bush just around the corner. Close your eyes and imagine the smell... it's amazing! I have been realizing more and more how thankful I am that winter is now behind us! The spring has been a very welcomed season and it makes me feel alive!

Asa and I are starting to get our garden planted. we were all ready to plant when we found out that black walnut trees are not helpful in growing gardens. In fact they kill most of the plants we are planting! So Dad took care of our problem but cutting down three trees tonight during dinner! I think he was feeling distructive!

The other weekend we went to NYC... here are some of the random pictures we took! We had such a great time... I love that city! <3

The other weekend we went to NYC...

Some kittens we found...

and then this weekend we were attacked by ants.... that's the pretty quick version of what's happening!

Goodnight all... I'll try to be better at blogging!


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