Friday, July 23, 2010

The longest post ever :)

Hey Everyone! I can't believe how long it's been since I've written. Today I was reading someone's blog and was inspired to write again. Our trip was long but we had a really good time. There were some stretching , there were some moments in which we had to lay down our rights and think of what God would want us to do. Our Bible study lately has been studying the Sermon on the mount. So many times we times we have read this passage however, we don't really think about what we're reading and how we can truely apply it to our lives and live it out. But the moment we start living it out 100 % we start living an abundant live and I think i got a little taste of that on the trip! It was amazing!

Since we got home from the trip we've been so busy with gardens, lawns, and harvesting our beautiful produce. We also made a quick trip to Buffalo to visit my cousins for my one cousin's graduation party. Asa so kindly let me stay longer and spend time w/ my travel buddy! We hadn't see eachother for 9 months so i'm sure you can imagine we had a lot of catching up to do. It's amazing how with some friends, even after long periods of time, you can still pick up right where you left off!!

Today I canned pickles, made refridgerator pickles and froze beans. It's soooo rewarding!!!
Following are the past few weeks in pictures, I'm sure there are some that are missing... but I can add them later! :) Enjoy===

Ready for the long trip of 21 hours one way!

First stop... Indiana... A great Sunday with friends

Traveling hand in hand <3 href="">

Oklahoma -- another state off my list

SONIC!!!!!!!!! His brother's had never tried Sonic before!

My Sister-in law and her youngest

I love my husband <3>

Family Adventures

A new Neice ... I enjoyed spending time and getting to know my New Neice Leah

A New pet???
An excited Bride....

Our little camper for the week

back to Indiana to visit family.... and friends

My empty buckets ready for wheat

Beautiful Wheat

We made Ice cream on night and our little cousin got the special beater cause she helped me make everything.

Asa and his uncle before we left EARLY in the morning!

We got home and spent a little time until we left for our next trip to camp for the 4th of July-Then we had
Some newly wed visitors <3>

Working in the Garden

We also found a bunch of honey bees building their home in our house! We now have honey bees :) Here are pics of our friends enjoying the smalllll harvest...

We watched Asa while he worked for HOURS transfering the bees to their new home

Everyone wanted a taste!! It was sooo sweet!

The bees hard at work!

Asa in our most favorite place ... the garden!

One week our cucumbers were this small
And the next week we have a five gallon bucket FULLL of cucumbers

Our newest projects are painting glass bottles and old windows and making them into beautiful objects!! It's soo much fun!

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Micah said...

It's been so refreshing to hear from you and take a peek at your travels.