Friday, August 6, 2010

not much

I made this in honor of my best friend and sister on one of the most important days of my life!

I haven't done much worthy of blogging! I did go to NYC last weekend, but guess what... I think I might have taken one picture the entire time. It wasn't a sight seeing trip and it seems like normal visits miss out on the camera action. I spent most of Saturday washing windows w/ my mother-in-law and that late Saturday night we went into the city to meet up w/ friends. It wasn't as great as we thought it would be... Someone (clearing throat) wanted to go to Applebees for dinner. I laughed at them, I couldn't belieive they were in NYC and wanted to go to Applebees. But after walking down many authentic streets we came back around to Applesbees so that's where we went, unfortunately. A word of advice don't go NEAR this place in NYC. Asa and I got boneless, buffalo chicken wings, and two drinks and our bill was TWENTY EIGHT dollars! I couldn't believe it! I was already frustrated about eating there and then the bill was so Huge on top of it all! (not a very great trip into the city if you couldn't tell)

We got home Sunday night around 10:30 ish and then I started working on Monday. My week has flown by. My boss is gone for two weeks so I'm working for her. I get home make dinner and crash, I literally have no inspiration to do anything. My cucumbers and beans are piling up, that's for sure. However, on Monday I got home and my parents had mowed my entire lawn! It was such a blessing... I have the best neighbors in the world!

I have been attempting digital scrapbooking :) It's pretty fun... :) --I'm hoping to get our first year scrapbooked before my trial subscription is up :D


Sherry L Dickinson said...

I can imagine your mama-in-law loves you for helping with the JOB of washing her windows! I know I certainly would! Smile.
I have never been to New York. I would like to go there for a visit. So, I've never seen Niagra Falls either.
I enjoy hearing your bits about what's going on back East. Believe you me, the west just isn't at all like the East!
Your Arizona friend,
Sherry (Mother-in-law to two beautiful girls)

brisqa said...

These pages are so beautiful and precious.

Butter said...

These are beautiful pictures - these are memories of a lifetime and you have made them even more special with the work you are doing capturing them in your scrapbooks - they are gorgeous! :)
- Butter
(from Running On Butter)

Erin Kiser said...

@running on butter, thanks so much for the comment!!! I have really enjoyed trying out this new digital scrapbooking!

@Sherry, You should come visit sometime! I'll have to post some fall pictures for you to enjoy!