Thursday, September 18, 2008


You know what sound I like? I like the sound of a toy in a child's hand during show and tell. I first noticed this noise when I was in the school working, a few years ago. Today during one of our circle projects I was reminded of this noise again... I know this is so random but the reason I'm posting this is to see if anyone else out there knows what I am talking about. It's a different sound than when they are playing with the toys.... it's the sound of little hands holding tightly to a prized treasure... maybe I'm crazy but I guess this sound holds good memories of school days... maybe that's why I like it... it has scents of pride and happiness mingled in with it... it's a sound that makes me smile.

OK so take time to notice sounds around you... it's really quite interesting


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minna said...

Thanx dear!...and yes, I totally enjoyed out catch-up time. Priceless. :) And I'll pray for you too.