Sunday, September 7, 2008


Tonight I am once again thankful for my mom... my dad... and Summer! Justin was over to soooo i'm thankful for him to. We had a giant bon fire...which my dad mostly just lit and we watched burn a little.
I am working on being thankful and counting my blessings instead of crying over the things I don't have... it's amazing how one minute you can be perfectly content and then someones says one thing and you realize how much you don't have... and how much you miss or desire. So yeah...

Meet my new pets! The first one is a swallow tail... he won't turn into a butterfly until next spring however these little guys on the right are already well on their way to being a monarch butterfly!!

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Peacheys+Yoders said...

neato!!...I have memorys of finding those "pets" across the road from the house up there...the funnest part was always watching them fly away after they hatched (is that what you call it.!? :)