Sunday, January 18, 2009

25 random facts about me

I never do these things soo here goes.

25 Random facts about me

1. I can't stand when people whistle
2. I like to drink blue berry green tea with loads of honey. (I mostly eat the honey and then drink the tea)
3. I've attended three different colleges in three years
4. I like the taste of dorito chips with vanilla ice cream
5. I enjoying deep meaningful conversations with my friends
6. I love writing in my journal and re reading old journal
7. Someday my cousin and I are going to write children's books
8. I don't have a favorite color
9. texting in public places w/ ppl around bugs me
10. I don't like when people talk on the phone in a car full of peopl
11. I broke my nose when I was 6
12. My favorite boys name is Giuseppe
13. I like to try out new recipes
14. My family and friends mean the world to me
15. I have an older brother (for some reason everyone misses that fact)
16. I like collecting catapillers and watching them turn into butterflies
17. I love to travel and want to travel to many places....
18. I have never been farther west than Iowa
19. My best pen pal is Erica martin
20. Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday!
21. I like to decorate cakes
22. I like interesting dates ( such as 09-09-09)
23. I want a different than normal wedding
24. I like to climb my tree and watch the sunset!
25. I hate my name when I was 13 and wanted to change it to Elizabeth

WOW that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be... *GRINS*

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Becka said...

"I like to climb my tree and watch the sunset!"
I Like that...:) very you.