Wednesday, January 14, 2009


You know this last while I feel like I have focused too much on myself and MY problems! Until this last while I realized that I need to look around me... besides focusing on my petty problems there is a hurting world... people who have real problems and real issues...

Then today and tonight I was once again upset because of friend issues... People who I want to be my friends that I TRY to love and reach out to and then it seems like they only want me when they have something great to rub in my face... BUT then God showed me someone hurting with DEEP questions and struggles and I realized that I am nothing and my problems are SO pathetic. SO my eyes were open and for that I am grateful... grateful that once again God has been faithful to show me... my place in this world..

I am grateful for the friends I do have.. near and far away... And I'm sorry for how selfish I have been... and how "focused" on my own petty issues... and how I have let it consume me... It's a pretty ugly way to be.. and I'm so sorry!

Love to all!



Micah said...

I absolutely love your honesty.
Thanks for the reminder on selfishness. I needed it.

Becka said...

hey...I know how you feel. I have to remind myself all the time of how little my tiny problems are when there is some person out there going thru way much more.

love you lots Air! :)