Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thanks be to God!

Yesterday at 2:30pm I was on my way home from Binghamton where I was ice skating at school. When I was only three miles (at the most) from my house some slush on the roads made me loose control of my car and I headed straight for a tree. When I saw the tree all I could think of was people that I know that died because they ran into a tree. SO I braced my self against the stearing wheel and prayed! (they told me later you should never brace yourself...)

At this point I felt myself flip over and while I was upside down the car was sliding... Honestly I can't tell you what I was feeling or the sound... but I do remember it... the sound of snow scraping on the roof... and I felt like i did when I was a kid and I laid with my head over the side of the couch upside down... When the car stopped moving I unbuckled myself and crumbled to the "floor" (roof) of my car. Nothing seemed broken... the windows were fine and my car was still running. I looked out my driver's side window first and realized it was in the ditch completely covered by snow... this is when I got scared... I sat there and thought "I'm STUCK!"... and then I was like.. .there has got to be a way out! I saw the the passenger window had some light coming through so I rolled it up (because it was upside down so it was actually going up instead of "down" after that I turned my music off... my car off.. stuck my ipod and keys in my purse and pushed the snow blocking my exit into the car and scooted out into the wonderful large open world...

One problem... my cell was dead... soooo I had to walk for help. I walked about 1/2 a mile in one direction to someones house and up their driveway. I saw a truck so my hopes of them being home were high! However no one came to the door so I ran back down their driving way walked all the way back to my car. The wind was blowing and I kept hoping it was a car instead of just the wind but it wasn't... I walked about another 1/2 mile to the next house and there were people home! THANKFULLY! They let me use their phone. Emily left work early and came and got me... The police came... dad and mom came... and I cried... I cried and cried... I finally was able to rest and I realized all that had just happened... but I felt fine. (except for being sick to my stomach... and scared that everyone would be mad at me...)

They called the ambulence but they never ended up coming so mom took me to the ER where Asa joined me! (I love him...) we were at the ER from 4:30 to 9:30... I was so happy that nothing was wrong w/ me! They did different scans and everything was fine. Everyone told me that I would feel worse today...however the only thing that was sore was my legs... from skating and walking the day before!

Honestly I can't tell you how grateful I am to God for HIS protection. Asa's dad told me that just the other day his mom was praying for my safety driving! I know the He was watching over me... and I know that He has a plan for me... and for that I am so grateful! I can't even use words to tell you how much I am thankful for... but most of all for my God... family and friends and my life!
Here's the picture EMily took of my car!

Praising God!



Anonymous said...

Man, That is just scary.....I tell you its dangerous at times just driving down the road......Glad you are safe and sound. Amaxzing how one person flips their car and is hospitalized for weeks and another person walks away unhurt. Definitly a God who is looking out for us and He knows what we can handle. Heidi

Esther said...

Oh my WORD!!! I'm trying to figure out how your car flipped?? Its amazing that you're ok... Praise God! You're a brave one girl!!

Sue said...
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Sue said...

Wow! Glad you're ok! I know a little of the crazy feeling - due to bad tires and bad road conditions, I slid off the road into a gully and totalled my parents' car. We didn't flip tho (the damage was underneath except for the airbags and windshield) - I'm sure that'd feel really crazy!! We were really protected too - no one needed the hospital :)